Mélisa Cahn-Feltz

Director Regulatory Affairs

Mélisa Cahn-Feltz

Director Regulatory Affairs

Key Knowledge Areas:

  • Advertising and Promotion Control
  • Registration
  • Clinical Trials
  • Quality

Melisa Cahn-Feltz Associate Director, Regulatory Affairs at BlueReg Group


Mélisa is a pharmacist and completed her Pharmaceutical education at the University of Strasbourg, France (2002). She also obtained a Master’s Degree in Regulatory Affairs Health Industry at the University of Paris XI (2003).


About Mélisa

Mélisa has 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and within health authorities, primarily in the field of Regulatory Affairs (France).


Background/Previous experience

Mélisa started her professional career in 2002 at AVENTIS FRANCE as Regulatory Affairs Manager where she has gained practical experience in registration and management of advertising control for Oncology and Gynecology products.


In 2004 Mélisa joined ROCHE PHARMA FRANCE as Registration Project Manager in charge of Hepatology and Rheumatology products. She was in charge of local registration activities for medical products registered under centralized procedure, MRP and national procedure, notably assuming submission and follow-up of MA requests, clinical and pharmaceutical variations, and clinical trials applications (CTA) and amendments.


Mélisa joined SCHERING-PLOUGH FRANCE as Regulatory Affairs Manager in charge of Allergy and Dermatology products. She was responsible for regulatory management of the product portfolio and reinforced her expertise in the fields of registration, advertising control, clinical trials, packaging and regulatory assessment.


After 5 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Mélisa joined ANSM (French Health Agency) in 2007 as an Advertising Assessor. She was in charge of Cardiology, Urology, Nephrology and Antifungal products. As a regulatory and scientific assessor, she gained a strong expertise in the field of the analysis of advertising material for physicians, of risk minimization plans and patients programs documents, through a tight collaboration with other departments of ANSM and external experts.


Through these experiences, Mélisa has developed her skills in terms of project management, teamwork and information sharing.


After 10 years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry and ANSM, Mélisa moved to consultancy and joined BlueReg in January 2015.