Paediatric Investigation Plan (PIP) and Pediatric Study Plan (PSP)

What is a pediatric investigation plan?


A Pediatric Investigation Plan (PIP) or Pediatric Study Plan (PSP) is a development plan intended to support the authorization of a medicine for children by ensuring data are obtained through studies in the paediatric population during clinical trials.


Our consultants can advise as to whether a deferral or waiver may be appropriate and can provide a complete PIP writing service as well as any PIP modifications through the lifecycle of the product within the EU or US (especially during development process).

Europe - European Union


In Europe, PIPs are described in Regulation (EC) No 1902/2006 which came into force in the EU on 26 January 2007. This paediatric regulation put in place the PIP to be agreed upon by a new expert committee (the EMA Paediatric Committee [PDCO]); it also regulates a system of obligations and rewards and different transparency/information measures. The objectives are to improve and better protect the health of children with high quality & ethical research, increasing availability of appropriately authorised medicines for children specific information on the use of medicines in the paediatric population.



United States


In the US the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act (BPCA) and the Pediatric Research Equity Act (PREA) are the basis of the paediatric US legal framework. The Pediatric review Committee (PeRC) was established by legislation to carry out the activities described under PREA and BPCA. The ultimate goal of PREA and BPCA is to develop new pediatric labelling to encourage the appropriate use of medications to treat pediatric patients. The outline of the pediatric studies the applicant plans to conduct will be compiled in the Pediatric Study Plan (PSP).



How BlueReg can support your PIP/PSP strategy & development

Our consultants can advise you in all steps of the preparation and design of your initial PIP/PSP:



  • Assess the right strategy concerning the PIP/PSP scope and timelines to meet your objectives
  • Agree on the right condition and indications to be studied through a systemic approach and rigorous methodology
  • For all age subsets, assess whether a waiver and/or deferral options can be considered based on available data and propose a risk mitigation
  • Interact with agencies in case of Paediatric Scientific Advice, presubmission meeting and all along the PIP procedure.
  • Write the corresponding documents: briefing packages, slide decks, paediatric plans and corresponding synopses or justifications for waivers/deferral



  • Coordinate on your behalf the full procedures (scientific advice/agency meeting, presubmission meeting, PIP/PSP) and can represent you at agency level in case of face-to-face meeting


Our consultants will also assist you with any PIP amendments in your paediatric developments through the lifecycle of the product within the EU or US, the compliance check procedure or annual deferral report preparation and submission.


BlueReg consultants have built a long experience these past years by supporting our clients in all key steps of the paediatric development.


When should I submit PIP?

The PIP (paediatric investigation plan) should be submitted at the time of the Marketing Authorization Application (MAA) for a new active substance or a new combination.

What is Iris EMA?

Iris is the European Medicines Agency’s portal for electronic submission and validation of marketing authorisation applications and other regulatory procedures.



What is a product specific waiver?

A product-specific waiver may be issued by the Committee when there is no therapeutic, scientific or social justification to carry out studies on a given active substance in children. The request for a product-specific waiver has to be submitted at least 60 days before the MAA submission.

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