About BlueReg Pharma Consulting

Introduction to BlueReg

BlueReg is an international consultancy organisation offering strategic regulatory advice and hands-on outsourcing solutions to life sciences companies through the entire lifecycle of their products – from product development to life cycle management including Early Access Programs.  


Within the BlueReg services, we also provide Exploitant services (“PharmaBlue”) for the marketing of products in France which have been granted Temporary Use Authorisation (ATU) or Marketing Authorisation (MA). 

Our clients are small, medium to large sized innovative companies looking to commercialise treatments for unmet needs leveraging broad expertise of our internal consultants and a network of international qualified partners.


Our strengths lie in the quality of our teams, our expertise and our international network of qualified partners.


Our clients can access a complete full-service platform and infrastructure that complements their organisation, speeds up time to market, and maximises asset value through not having to build a full company framework immediately.

Who we are?

  • Our mission and vision
  • Our story and our values


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How we help?

  • Switched On – A range of services tailored to the situation of our clients
  • Trusted and credible partner – a partner with substance
  • Reassurance and support that goes beyond regulatory submissions


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Why work with BlueReg?

  • Credible expertise, hands on, operational services
  • Shared passion, and commitment
  • Optimized time to market
  • And services that have real and demonstrable substance


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