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Switched On - A range of services tailored to the requirements of our clients

A common situation faced by our clients is to gain access to a new market which may be unfamiliar to them, with little or no infrastructure available at that time or to plan and implement early patient access for products with an unmet medical need.  BlueReg offers a full range of advice and services enabling development of a global strategy, activation of an external infrastructure to complement their organisation and optimise the management of their activities.

We adapt our services to be flexible and tailored to the clients requirements, so that our clients do not pay for things that they don’t need.  BlueReg’s unique offering of extensive regulatory expertise, in market support, and early access programmes is something of high value to clients.  This offering expedites patient access, retains / maximises asset value for the client and speeds up return on investment.

Trusted and credible partner – a partner with substance

We believe in the importance of partnership and that all parties should be successful in their objectives.  We are transparent in our approach and genuinely interested in our client partners, their business, and what objectives they have individually and as an organisation.  To really understand our clients is a key element in earning trust, demonstrating credibility, and ultimately delivering sustainable success.   

We often work with clients who need advice to refine their needs, the roadmap to follow, the regulatory pathways, or understand the new environment that they may be navigating their way through.  The strength of our consultants provides coaching, mentoring, or sharing their expertise or experience during projects as required.

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Reassurance and support that goes beyond regulatory submissions

Expertise and credible advice is of course important and we are proud of our team.  We have recruited from the pharmaceutical industry and, by that very nature, our consultants are able to put themselves in the place of our clients.  There is an inherent understanding of the challenges of developing products in a pressurised or uncertain environment, let alone the complexities of negotiating regulatory hurdles.  


We share the same passion as our clients as we support them to develop and market many treatments including for unmet medical needs. Collectively, our work is extremely rewarding.

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