Nathalie Le Flèche

Nathalie Le Flèche

Pharmacovigilance Consultant

Nathalie has more than 31 years of experience in Pharmaceutical industry, especially in the field of Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information.


Nathalie started her professional career in 1985, as Executive Assistant of the Medical Director, in the French Affiliate of Abbott Laboratories in Paris. She served as a liaison with internal and external interlocutors, as well as at the international level. She participated in the preparation and in the regulatory submission of pre and post MA dossiers for product marketed in France.  

 In 1988, Nathalie joined the Pharmacovigilance Department as Drug Safety Officer. She was in charge of administrative management, drug safety reports management as well as PSURs and DSURs submissions. Nathalie was also responsible of quality system for pharmacovigilance. She participated in the management of pharmacovigilance procedures as well as in audits and inspections. 


In August 2016, Nathalie oriented her career in the consulting by joining BLUE-REG PHARMA CONSULT as a Pharmacovigilance Consultant. 


Careet progression with important jobs until this job at BlueReg.

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