National Procedure

The National Procedure (NP) is a tool for national authorities to streamline and improve their administrative procedures. It allows them to better coordinate their activities, reduce duplication of effort and save time and resources.


The NP provides a framework for national authorities to work together on administrative procedures. It sets out the principles and rules for cooperation and coordination and provides a platform for sharing best practices and experiences.


The NP is based on the principle of mutual recognition: national authorities recognize and take account of each other’s decisions and actions. This allows them to avoid duplication of effort and focus on their core tasks.


The NP is voluntary and open to all national authorities. It is not a binding instrument, but rather a set of guidelines and principles that national authorities can choose to follow.


The National Procedure is an important part of the European Union’s efforts to improve administrative cooperation and coordination between national authorities. It is one of the tools available to national authorities to help them improve their efficiency and effectiveness.