1 Week Left before the RAPS Euro Convergence 2020 – How to Successfully Launch Your Product in Different Markets?

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22 October 2020


RAPS Euro Convergence 2020 :

We are pleased to announce you that Camille Piriou Senior Regulatory Affairs consultant at BlueReg will present "How to successfully launch your product in different markets": From product information to promotional materials.


When dealing with promotional materials, companies have to face different practices and systems per country, as well as cultural differences. This is important to understand especially for a new company launching its first medicinal product in the European Union.


The participants will learn about how to set-up launch of promotional materials from a Regulatory perspective with a specific focus on some European markets. This will include project kick-off, examples of country specific requirements, need for process mapping, how internal review is coordinated, up to the submission to authorities when applicable.


Importance and role of local representatives (Information Officer in Germany, Pharmacien Responsable in France…) and communication with local representatives and headquarter representatives will also be discussed.


This session will help attendees to understand main differences in EU (regulation and cultural) illustrated by real cases in some EU markets. Participants will be able to apply this knowledge learned to their personal challenges in their organizations.


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about launch set-up for promotional materials for companies targeting EU markets
  • Understand main differences (regulation and cultural) illustrated by real cases in some EU markets
  • Apply this knowledge learned to their personal challenges in their organizations

We hope you can join the session planned on 29 October, 2020 !

More information here : https://www.raps.org/europe-2020/home

Our Regulatory affairs team at BlueReg can provide expert guidance on all topics related to the validation of promotional materials through our OPPROS solution.

For any support related to this activity, please contact us !


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