Fabien Schmitz

Fabien Schmitz

Vice-president HR, Finance, Legal & IT, BlueReg Group

Key Knowledge Areas:

  • Project & team Management

  • Finance

  • Software

  • Legal

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Fabien Schmitz Vice President HR, Finance, Legal and IT BlueReg Group



Fabien has an engineer degree from Centrale Lille, France. He also completed a master degree in Database Management NTIC at SKEMA in Sophia Antipolis.



About Fabien


Fabien is a senior leader heading several key support services within BlueReg. He brings to the Company his significant experience in the field of business, process and team management.

Within BlueReg, Fabien heads the HR, Finance, Legal and IT units.

Background/Previous experience


Prior to joining BlueReg, Fabien created a start-up in the field of serious games applied to the world of education. After launching many promising projects, the company was acquired by QWANT (European search engine).


Previously, Fabien has held several management positions including successfully managing the business of a small company which was specialized in front office software sales support tools for banks and insurance companies (ISSOS), multiplying by 5 its turnover in 10 years.

He also worked in the US, as automation Engineer at DAVY in Pittsburgh (USA), involved in the design and the commissioning of automation solutions for turnkey metal processing and galvanizing lines.


Fabien has joined BlueReg Vice-president Finance, Legal & IT in 2016.

At BlueReg Group and as a member of the Leadership Team, Fabien is responsible for ensuring that appropriate financial control of Operations is in place, and in addition, he has responsibility for driving quality improvements in accounting, invoicing as well as Legal and IT processes.

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